Why Advertise With Us?

If you are new to the hospitality industry or even have an established business, you have essentially 3 options to market your holiday home:

1. Use online portals such as Airbnb, booking.com etc

2. Use a traditional holiday home agency such as Sykes Cottages

3. Do it yourself, through your own website, social media etc

Usually through a combinatioin of 2 of the above, you can generate bookings. Undoubtly options 1 & 2 will get you a lot of bookings but the downside is the high commissions they charge, often in the region of 20%. This knocks a big hole in the profitability of your business especially if these companies are discounting your holiday home through deals & offers.

There also can be some ill feeling towards these companies, apart from the high commissions, they can impose strict contracts & make it difficult for owners to communicate with their guests. A lot of these properties whether holiday cottages, lodges, apartments etc are also privately owned and have been lovely restored & refurbished by the owners, providing them with a salary.

Even using Facebook groups to advertise your accommodation is good to some extent but things tend to get messy when holidaymakers asking for somewhere to stay get bombarded with lots of messages from owners. I know this because I'm admin of a group where this happens.

All of the above reasons is why we started Cottagedeal.com.

What we offer:

✅ An easy to use website

✅ We dont take any commissions from your bookings, you keep 100% of your booking price

✅ Create as little or as many ads as you like

✅ Directly communicate with your guests

✅ All cancellation and refund policies are set by you

✅ UK Holiday Rentals has been designed to work alongside & compliment your existing advertising & marketing 

✅ Best of all, you control everything