FAQ's / How Does It Work?


How do I find a suitable holiday cottage deal?

Simply use the search function on our website.

How do I contact the holiday cottage owner?

Simply fill in your details on the enquiry form and click ‘send’, once the owner receives the enquiry, they will respond to your enquiry by email or you can contact the owner with your enquiry by telephone.

How is party to the rental contract?

Cottadedeal offers owners a portal to advertise their holiday cottage deals and offers and for guests to search for a holiday cottage deal and contact the owners via either email or telephone.

Once you are in touch with the owner, all further things are up to you which includes booking, confirmation, cancellation and payment. 

Cottagedeal does not assume liability for deals that are booked through our website.


Holiday Cottage Owners
How do I get started?
  1. You sign up, create your account & complete your profile.
  2. You create your listing for the deal you want to run (we call it an ad) including price, start date & duration of the deal, location, description, facilities etc                                          
  3. Once the ad is created, it has to be approved by admin for it to go live on the Cottagedeal website
What’s included in the ad platform?
  • My ads which includes post an ad, pending ads & favourite ads
  • Profile
  • Change passwords 

What happens if a cottage deal expires or is booked?

It is up to you,  the owner to keep your account up to date & delete any ads which have been.

Why do we approve all ads?

In order to maintain the quality of the website & stop fraudelent ads, all ads have to be approved by admin.

In all cases where an ad is disapproved we will contact you via email, to try and work with you to resolve the issue so that your ad can go live. 

Any ads which do not have a valid website or Facebook business page for their holiday cottage will also not be approved.


How can I be sure the holiday cottage is as advertised or a guest is who they say they are?

Ask as much information as possible before booking or accepting a booking. Check their website and social media accounts (Owners should a least have a website or Facebook page). Avoid any suspicious payment methods (use trustworthy payment providers, that are traceable).

Does Cottagedeal have a cancellation policy?

Cottagedeal does not offer a cancellation policy. However each holiday cottage owner should have their own policy, please read this policy, so that you fully understand the cancellation & refund terms that the owners are offering.