You may think you are getting the best deals using Online Travel Agents (OTA's) like or Expedia but this is not always the case.

Holiday makers can end up paying too much for accommodation by using OTA's.

As I've mentioned in the 'Why Advertise With Us' page, OTA's charge accommodation owners up to 25% commission, this knocks a big hole into the profitablity of independent accommodation owners businesses, this means in some instances owners will increase their prices to compensate for the higher commissions.

The OTA's justify these high commissions by spending billions on marketing, which enable them to dominatie Google search results, giving accommodation owners the bookings they need.

However there is light at the end of the tunnel, for both holiday makers & accommodation owners.

Holiday makers can contact the accommodation owners directly by:

  1. Find the type of accommodation you want on the OTA's website
  2. Google the name of the accommodation 
  3. Find the accommodation website 
  4. Call or email the owners directly & explain your situation, quoting the OTA price. Hopefully you can negotiate a lower price.

Owners can offer sweeteners too such as a welcome hamper, discount on local attractions etc

Holiday makers can get some great deals using OTA's but this often comes at the expense of the accommodation owners. 

Remember always try to bookdirect!