Thousands of hospitality jobs have been lost & many businesses in the sector are in limbo, all caused by the spread of the coronavirius pandemic.

We are now seeing several countries starting to ease lockdown resrtictions and over the coming months, some businessess are starting to trade again. Who knows, when hospitality businesses can start trading again but post covid, how has your hospitality business adapted to take bookings & how is this communicated to your guests?

A few things you could think about:

  1. Do you have a no contact self check in?
  2. What does your cleaning policy look like and how it has changed post covid?
  3. Have you updated your website and social media channels to reflect any new changes?
  4. What's your communication strategy you have in place to inform guests of any important & relevant information they should know? (for example local attactions which might be opened or closed)

When hospitality businessess do start trading again, it will be tough to begin with but the ones which are well prepared will flourish.