The top 3 social media platforms for holiday home owners to be on:

1. Facebook.

Facebook is the number one place where you need to be & the best place for generationing bookings. The ideal guests (women 32-48) are here in droves. 

Why not create your own Facebook group for your property & local area. They are a create place to interact with potential guests.

2. Pinterest.

Pinterest’s superpower is that it works more like a search engine than social media. The number one topic on Pinterest is Travel.

3. Instagram.

Although not the greatest for generating bookings directly, Instagram is ideal for showcasing pictures of your property & surrounding countryside.

Worth a mention


LinkedIn is a more business/career oriented social media platform. It's great to connect with other professionals or owners in the industry or grow property inventory.


Is great for showcasing your property or surrounding countryside through the medium of video, it really gives depth & feeling to your rental that pictures always don't give.


Twitter is a great listening tool, where can see what happening in the hospitality sector, you can jump into conversations & give your thoughts where necessary.